Young Love or Young Dumb..?

I know much of you all heard the term “Young Love” but are they really in love or just dumb? Coming from experience of thinking I was in love when I was young make me giggle now that i am 20 years old. I had a few boyfriends i thought i couldn’t live without but look at me now living.  But, as i look back i wish i never had any and just focused on school. Sometimes having a boyfriend at a young age draws you further up in reality because now that you have a boyfriend you have to maintain school, chores, extracurriculum and your boyfriend.  And soon after you’re going to be lacking in the stuff you’re suppose to be doing to focus on your boyfriend so he don’t leave you. Your  boyfriend is not your responsibility young girls. Falling in love is not the way he dress, the sports he play, or how he talk. Love is not only a feeling young girls! I know I’m young as well but I have been through thinking I was love when I was young. 90% of the time you’re not going to be with that person longer than 6 months and 2months later after  you give up crying your eyes out thinking you    can’t live without him. You’ll be in another boy’s    arms thinking he’s the only one for you. And I know this is going to happened because im a girl and I have a lot of girls as friends  and it all  happened to them, to me as well.  So what I am basically saying is to focus on school and living your young beautiful life before thinking you’re in love with a boy. When you know what college, university, trade school etc you’re going to attend. Then maybe you could think about having a boyfriend  and even if it don’t last it’s not the end of the world. Just know you’re beautiful and if he dont appreciate that he didnt deserve you!!!


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